Beard Therapy – Why did you grow a beard?

Recently, I hosted a discussion with a few of the early members of our Rebel Community to find out what influenced their decision to grow a beard and when their beard journey started. I posed a simple question to the panel; why did you decide to grow a beard?

There are a number of reasons that can influence a man to set off on his beard journey. Some men find growing a beard liberating and a true expression of their masculine energy, whilst others are simply growing a beard because they do not like the feeling of ingrown hairs from shaving their facial hair.

In this blog I will be sharing my findings from the discussion and listing the top reasons why members of our community started their growth journey and what influenced them to stay on that journey till this day.

Health and Self-care

One of the reasons why men decide to grow their beard can be health and self care related. My personal beard journey started at 15. I started my growth journey because at that age I had really severe acne and was suffering with a lot of insecurities at the time; I hated people starring at my face due to the severity of the condition.  

My beard has acted as a shield of protection from the outside world and also made more confident. I will feel naked without a beard so I take pride in my beard care and continue to enjoy my growth journey.

There are other men out there who have a similar story to mine. Daniel a small business owner told us that he started his beard journey because his skin was very sensitive and didn’t react well to constant shaving. “I would get razor bumps and red skin every time I shaved and I found it really irritating so I decided to let my beard grow out”.

Skin conditions are one of the driving factors in men deciding to embark on a beard growth journey. A beard can provide a sense of security that can make a man feel good about himself and take away the attention from whatever the condition may be.

Masculine Energy

In this discussion, a clear observation of mine was that some men do not have a particular reason why they started growing their beard but they have a valid reason for keeping it - the beard helps them to channel their masculine energy.

James Riley, a personal trainer at pure gym said he can’t imagine himself without a beard. “I don’t remember why I started growing a beard but once I started the journey I knew there was no going back”. James also stated “growing a beard makes me look and feel more masculine, I haven’t seen my chin in years and I can’t imagine myself with a baby face anymore”.

There are plenty of other men out there who see growing a beard as a way of expressing oneself as an individual and tapping into their masculine energy.

Approval of women

A study by Nigel Barber, using data on British facial hair trends from 1842-1971, found that men with beards and moustaches increased as the number of marriage-age women decreased. Basically, if there are a larger number of single men than women, more men grow beards. So does this mean men grow beards because women find them more attractive than clean-shaven baby faces?

Emmanuel Obi, an IT consultant claims his main reason for growing a beard was for the attention of women. “I found out the more my beard grew and the more I took care of it, the more compliments I kept getting from women who didn’t look at me twice when I was without a beard” said Emmanuel.

A few women also chimed in our discussion and expressed their loves for men with beards stating “It makes men look way more attractive as it enhances their facial features and adds to personality” other women also claimed to have judged a man with a beard to be “more wiser and more knowledgeable”.

It is evident to see that the influence of women on men’s beard growth has been ever present and still continues to be a major factor in a lot of men’s growth journey.

So, there you have it. These are some of the reasons why men in our “Rebel Community” decide to grow their beard. Do you fall into any of these categories or not? Share your story with us on our socials. We would love to hear about what influenced you to embark on your growth journey.

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